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The Double: A pulse-pounding action-packed thriller

Spy stories are always popular for their thrill, action, mystery and unexpected sequences. People love watching movies in which they don’t know what is going to happen next. The Double is a movie which is a whole package of thrill and mystery along with a little bit violence.

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The Double is directed and co-written by Michael Brandt who wrote “Wanted” which was a totally non-sense movie. The only attraction was Angelina Jolie taking bath and a weird action in firing lots of guns. This movie has a good pitch to a studio which every thriller must have. Gere’s official “From Russia with Love” was a better try as compared to The Double.

The movie had good promotions but not enough for funds. People also didn’t love the movie so it has to be said that this movie got Grade B for promotions. Previous movies like “Killer Elite” Or “Trespass” were hugely criticized but people spent their money on watching them. Those movies had potential to attract audience which The Double is lacking. There are also many technical mistakes and small errors which lower the grading of the movie. Paul’s role is best and he did his part very beautifully, but he alone couldn’t save the movie from flopping.

At the end, we can say that the movie “The Double” is a stylish, action packed and shocking thriller which is perfectly made. But it failed to attract the expected audience. It is strong in dialogue delivery and it has right and essential elements which any spy movie must have. It has mystery, characters which are not normally seen in real life and an unexpected end. You can’t keep your eyes off the screen till “The Double” end. It is not enough to say that it blows your mind at the end that the real man in the movie is the murderer and all the chains when get together, they leave you in state of shock. This is the goal of any spy or action movie. Now its fate or anything else, it is your headache to figure out. This is a real kick ass crime drama which is seen after a long time. Richard Gere and Topher Grace look stunning and their gritty performance is best.

The Double hit theater on October 28, 2011. Its opening got 0.1 millions U.S Dollars which is not satisfactory for such a thriller. And the DVD has been released on Jan 31st, 2012. If you want to copy The Double movie onto another blank DVD disc, you can download Magic DVD Copier to watch anywhere without region striction.

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