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Want to copy Limelight DVD successfully for watching it again and again ?

Limelight DVD is a documentary film that talks about how New York became the centre for outrageous parties and the man behind it all, Peter Gatien. Maybe you have not watched it yet, so let's read some introductions of this movie, and if you feel this movie very classic and want to copy Limelight DVD for enjoying again in the future, this article will also tell you the best way for backup.

As everybody knows, New York City is a home for clubs that throw the craziest parties in the planet, but do you have any idea in how this empire of parties formed? It is all because one man called Peter Gatien. Coming from Ontario, this man, featured by his eye patch, turned New York into a party capital that made the lives of many New Yorkers changed forever.

Peter Gatien owned The Limelight, Tunnel and Palladium that were famous for partygoers and even celebrities like Madonna and Beastie Boys. His loyal customers spent a lot of money just to have some fun. The young people, known to be impulsive and like living on the edge, were engaged into this fantasy world where sadness and depression never exist. Gatien succeeded in making these attitudes of the youth to his own advantage.

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Gatien pulled in millions of dollars every night and became almost unstoppable. In the peak of his career, crime rates and drug use also skyrocketed. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had to end all the madness and implement control to the nightlife of New Yorkers in the middle of 1990s. Gatien was eventually deported to Canada and stopped his control to the party world of New York.

The film is told by a collection of people who were there during that era and the witnesses to the hidden transactions in the clubs of Gatien during his time. It is directed by Billy Corben, who also directed Cocaine Cowboys.

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