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A Quick Look at 3 Most Anticipated Movies in March 2012

The month of March 2012 is very lucky for Hollywood and theaters all over the world. The movies which are going to be released on this month are astonishing for their features as well as their cast. The most anticipated movies in March have a long list but here is a highlight of some of the movies which are going to break all the records.

Project X is a movie directed by Nima Nourizadeh, Miles Teller and Oliver Cooper. It is going to hit theater on March 2, 2012. It is one of the biggest releases and definitely one the most anticipated movies in March. It has Dax Flame in the leading role with Nichole O’Connor. The biggest Hollywood movies company Warner Bros is responsible for its distribution and it reserves all rights of the movie. The time to end the movie is in total 88 minutes. The movie is hoped to be among best expected movies in March. It is rated for its crude and sexual content with a little bit of nudity and drugs language. Teens are going to get a good hit through this movie. The plot of movie is a group of students studying in senior school. They had an idea of throwing a party that no one has ever imagined. But they had no idea that the party would turn into such thing. It is based on a true story based on a student’s party in Australia. The movie is filmed at Loa Angeles.

the most anticipated movies in March 2012 - Project X .

Another movie which is going to rock the Hollywood theaters is Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. It is also going to get released in March 2nd. It is hitting the 36,000 theaters all over the world. It is directed by one of the most talented directors Hollywood is proud of. Ken Daurio, and Chris Renaud are makers of the movie. It stars Danny Devito as the Lorax and other supporting actors like Ed Helms, Rob Riggle and Zac Efron. It also has Taylor Swift in a role. It is an animated movie with adventurous scenes all over the 94 minutes of running. The plot is based on a 12 year old boy who searches a thing that proves beneficial to attract girls and allure them. To make it work, he had to find the lost story of Lorax. This is the main idea of the movie. It is a good movie with an attractive plot so it is hoped that it proves to be one of the most anticipated movies in March.

the most anticipated movies in March 2012 - The Lorax .

John Carter is one of the most awaited movies of the Hollywood. It is going to get released in 9th March 2012. It is directed by Andrew Stanton who is one of the most talented directors in the history of the Hollywood. The actors in the movie which make this movie one the most anticipated movies in March are Thomas Haden Church, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton and Taylor Kitsch. It is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The running time is 132 minutes. It is rated for its intense sequences of violence and action.

the most anticipated movies in March 2012 - John Carter .

The above mentioned movies are most anticipated movies in March 2012.

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