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How To Rip A TV Show DVD Into Individual Episodes

If you've ever tried to rip a TV show DVD to your computer, you know how hard it is to get it split into individual episodes. Most commercial DVDs have copy protection. Since all free ripping or converting tools, such as Handbrake, doesn’t have the native ability to remove copy protection, you will need decrypting programs to get rid of the protection. Choosing a useful decrypter is definitely not an easy job.

After the decrypting process, you need to convert the episodes to individual files. There are multiple titles on an episodic DVD and usually each title is an episode. How do you rip them into high quality files and into respective episodes? I think you should get some professional software to help you do all the ripping.

Magic DVD Ripper is a convenient and powerful DVD ripping program, which can rip/convert DVD to other formats and backup DVD to hard drive without any loss of quality. Compared with other DVD ripping software, Magic DVD Ripper comes with both converting and backup function with faster ripping speed. You can free download Magic DVD Ripper, and rip DVD to individual episodes.

How to Rip A TV Show DVD Into Individual Episodes?

1. Launch Magic DVD Ripper and click the "Convert" tab.

2. Insert a DVD to your DVD drive, it will load your DVD information automatically.

3. Specify the destination by clicking "Browser" button to choose a folder to save the ripped files.

Rip A TV Show DVD Into Individual Episodes

4. Click the icon beside "Title" box, a window will pop up like below.


5. Check the titles (episodes) you want to rip and select proper audio and subtitle. Then click OK.

6. You can choose the output format, such as AVI, MP4, or even devices like iPad, etc, from the "Profile" option. You can also rename the output file.

7. Press the "Start" button to start ripping TV Show DVD or episodic DVD to your computer. Magic DVD Ripper will keep the quality of the original DVD. Just in 20-60 minutes, you can watch the TV serious on you computer.

Magic DVD Ripper also comes with backup function, with which you can copy the entire DVD movie, DVD main movie to your computer. If you want to backup DVD with Magic DVD Ripper, you can refer to How to copy a DVD movie without any loss of quality?

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